Laser Welding

The advantages of laser welding are low warpage, high process speed, flexibility and fine welding seams. This technology is increasingly becoming more prominent in manufacturing processes. There is a growing demand for technologies that do not require a concentrated heat input in post-production. Thanks to our many years of experience in welding, our laser specialists are aware of the competitive advantage that can be achieved by laser welding, so that our machines can carry out even the most demanding welding jobs. Some examples are: welding of steel heat exchangers, welding of power transmission devices, repairing a tool by overlay welding or welding wear-resistant layers.

Our expertise and guaranteed quality are proven by two outstanding facts:

  • We deliver continuously laser-welded structures to the automotive industry.
  • Working in accordance with the EN1090-2 exc 3 standard and in a unique way in Hungary, the 3834 procedure test for laser welding.
  • Maximum workpiece size: 3600x1600x700mm
  • Maximum material thickness: 6 mm

Materials that can be processed: carbon steel, stainless steel. Also with filler material!

Application areas:

  • Power transmission devices
  • Gears
  • Connected axles
  • Pressure vessels
  • Tubular components
  • Shelving systems
  • Overlapping welds
  • Replacement of spot welds

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