Built to evolve, built to last

Whether wheeled or tracked, Indupro’s facilities can accommodate all your special purpose vehicle needs.

From complete construction to customisations, upgrades, and repairs, we offer comprehensive solutions to ensure your vehicles perform at their best.

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We help reshape the future!

Indupro brings a fresh perspective and innovative approach to the special military and civilian vehicle industry. By anticipating future global trends and needs, we recognize the transformative power of cutting-edge technology in meeting the complex demands of modern ground vehicles.

We are introducing new standards that optimise horizontal and vertical production procedures in the areas of special purpose vehicles construction, upgrade, assembly and repair.

We are into developing innovative products that harness cutting-edge military technology for a wide range of applications

Our mission is crystal clear

Every project we undertake is fueled by our passion for creating a safer,  more sustainable and innovative future. We strive to lead with integrity, inspire with innovation, and build with heart, paving the way for sustainable solutions and groundbreaking advancements.

Why us?

Advancements in armored vehicle technology guarantee their vital role in modern military inventories for years to come. As military technology evolves, the demand for new strategies and technologies to enhance crew and vehicle survivability intensifies. Indupro is equipped to tackle every aspect of the survivability spectrum, providing integrated solutions that push the special purpose vehicle industry forward.

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