About Us

Hungary’s first specialized center for laser technology lease-work.

INDUPRO Ltd. is the first lease work center in Hungary specialized in laser technologies. With the help of our unique machinery fleet we can fulfill even the most sophisticated laser contract work needs. It could be even laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling or automotive series production.

We offer solutions for any laser technology tasks.

Our company was founded with the aim of meeting the requirements for special laser lease work from domestic and multinational manufacturing and production companies in Hungary and the surrounding countries. Our preparedness is demonstrated by the most advanced technological background and unique machinery fleet, paired with the work of experienced engineers and experts.

The rapid technical development and the new technological challenges of industrial companies require more advanced technical solutions. INDUPRO GmbH specializes in these and is ready for the challenges of tomorrow, so that there is no technological task for which we cannot offer an industrial solution. Thanks to our extensive industrial connections, our proficiency extends from the automotive and electronics industries to the manufacture of medical instruments. We have a solution for any laser machining task.

The use of laser technology is becoming increasingly important in manufacturing processes. It affects the larger multinational companies, but also many different suppliers, including smaller manufacturing companies. Thanks to our professionals, unique production capacity and high-tech machine park, INDUPRO GmbH can always be a reliable and long-term partner with the latest technological solutions. Test us which manufacturing options your products and parts offer through laser technology, be it two- and three-dimensional laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling, laser surface treatment or all kinds of laser marking tasks. With the unique production service from INDUPRO GmbH, you gain a technological competitive advantage that does not require investment costs or the redesign of your existing manufacturing processes.

The most important thing for INDUPRO GmbH is to build a long-term cooperation and an excellent partnership with you, which can only be achieved through our comprehensive quality services and professionalism. We are constantly working to increase your trust and your maximum satisfaction, so that you know that your products are in the safest hands. INDUPRO GmbH has the highest quality assurance certificate available in the automotive industry, the IATF 16949. (It can be downloaded as PDF)

In terms of continuous development, our company guarantees exceptionally high quality welded metal structures from 2020 with the welding company certificate EN1090-2 exc3 and by working in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 3834-2: 2006 standard. In Hungary we also perform laser welding of various metals after a certified process test.