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Obsessed with seeking the right answers to great questions!

We truly belive that great things happen when dedicated people come together.

And we are a team of dedicated fathers and mothers, engineers and pioneers, thinkers and lovers, but above all, we are motivated individuals united by a shared passion for shaping a better world.

Whether you’re looking to collaborate on an exciting project, seeking a team that values your ideas, or simply curious about what inspires us, we invite you to join us on our journey. Together, we can create something extraordinary and enjoy the jurney!

CEO/ Owner

Our mission is crystal clear

Every project we undertake is fueled by our passion for creating a sustainable, innovative future. We strive to lead with integrity, inspire with innovation, and build with heart, paving the way for sustainable solutions and groundbreaking advancements.


Empowering each other
through a culture of inclusion and shared purpose.

Zsolt Piheni

Chief Executive Officer

Csaba Petti

Chief Strategic Officer

István Tamás Tóth

Chief Operating Officer

Kiss Márta

Chief Financial Officer

Ádám Migróczi

Chief Technical Officer

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What it's like to working for Indupro?

"Indupro Kft. stands out for its transparent and trust-based work environment. The open communication and support from management have allowed me to thrive and reach new heights in my career."
Dóra Szaniszló-Borsos
Production Manager
"The culture at Indupro Kft. is second to none. There's a strong emphasis on teamwork and respect, and it feels like a second family. I've had amazing opportunities to grow and develop my skills."
Nagy Ildikó
HR Generalist
"Indupro Kft. is a place where talent and hard work are truly recognized and rewarded. The collaborative spirit and support from my colleagues have made my experience here both professionally and personally fulfilling."
Márton Gábor
Project Manager
"I appreciate the diversity and inclusivity at Indupro Kft. The leadership genuinely cares about employee well-being and professional development, making it a fantastic place to build a career."
István Szabó
Design Engineer
"Working at Indupro Kft. has been an incredible journey. The company's commitment to innovation and growth creates a dynamic and exciting work environment. I feel valued and empowered to contribute my ideas."
Tihamér Tóth
Senior Lasermanufacturing Expert