Pioneers in Laser Manufacturing

“Innovation in manufacturing is about finding ways
to refine the materials of today for the structures of

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A dedicated and dynamically evolving 100% Hungarian owned company,

and also experst with all things laser

We truly belive that great things happen when dedicated people come together with a shared passion. Ours is making a better and more sustainable future through integrity, innovation and hard work. All with the power of lasertechnology.

CEO/ Owner


Obsessively seeking the right answers
to great questions!

Our company delivers metal components and engineering solutions for the automotive, energy and defence industries. Laser manufacturing is at the core of our expertise and we take pride in offering our partners a wide range of comprehensive solutions, from prototypes to serial production.

Whether you’re looking to collaborate on an exciting project, seeking a team that values your ideas, or simply curious about what inspires us, we invite you to join us on our journey. Together, we can create something extraordinary and enjoy the jurney!

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We continuously expand our technologies and machinery to offer our customers the most suitable solutions

Our mission is crystal clear

Every project we undertake is fueled by our passion for creating a sustainable, innovative future. We strive to lead with integrity, inspire with innovation, and build with heart, paving the way for sustainable solutions and groundbreaking advancements.

Qualifications and measuring equipment

Quality management and logistic team

Our automotive-specific measuring room and skilled team allow us to measure and check parts in-house for the majority of our orders.


Our logistics department, with its advanced machinery and synchronisation with our ERP system, allows us to serve our customers’ needs fast and accurate.

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